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My art practice revolves around the connections between ecology and colonization and how closely they are intertwined. My works stem from observing two branches of biology - zoology, and botany - deeply affected by human environmental activities, dating back to the beginning of the colonial period. Using the representations of animal and vegetal creatures to inquire about their behavior and transformations, I build visual narratives ─ from drawing to a combination of media, including paint, fiber, printmaking, text, and digital illustration ─ that ultimately constitute a mirror of the complex relationship between their kingdoms and our species.  This process is crisscrossed for other subjects related to colonialism and identity. Finally, it becomes a call for our attentive interaction with plants and insects:  the task of environmental preservation as a  non-deferrable contemporary anthropological urgency. Having been born in a country that is home to the Amazon, my research, arising at the intersection of art, science, and history, aims to recover the natural and cultural heritage of the Americas.

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