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Invisibilia Herbarium on paper and limestone

Invisibilia Herbarium is a series of three works that present mangrove elements: seeds, leaves, flowers, and roots pressed on cotton paper. The aspect of the piece refers to a ghostly image. An embossed tag Invisibilia Herbarium shows the mangrove's name in different languages: English, Portuguese, and Latin, the scientific denomination. I aim to call attention to the importance of red mangrove preservation in coastal areas such as Miami and Rio de Janeiro and some mangrove species' extinction risk.

Invisibilia Herbarium on Limestonetone shows mangrove elements such as seeds, flowers, and leaves. Black and white spray paint, and street art materials were used to indicate the urgency to preserve Florida's mangroves. I utilized limestone as a base, a material that forms Miami underground.

Invisibilia Herbarium 1,2 and 3, 2022

Pressed mangrove seeds, leaves, and flowers on cotton paper

8x10 in each one


Invisibilia Herbarium on Limestone, 2022, Spray paint on limestone, 24 x 24 in

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